February 2018 calendar

January was a busy month for me and I almost didn’t think I would get around to making this months calendar. I managed to repurpose an existing drawing to get it finished in time!

The drawing is of a native New Zealand Tui bird surrounded by leaves and flowers from a Pohutukawa tree. I currently live in Canada but am originally from New Zealand.  This drawing felt appropriate for February as I have been thinking about home a lot lately. I’m headed back to New Zealand mid February and am excited to see my family, friends, and all the beautiful nature!

February 2018 Calendar Download


January 2018 calendar

I’ve been trying to think of a project where I can continue to practice drawing and calligraphy next year. I decided that a great project for 2018 would be a nature inspired calendar. I’ll create each piece the month before, giving me lots of time and a realistic deadline. My goal is that each piece will get better and better as the months go by.

I’ll upload each piece as a free digital download on this blog. Here is January’s winter inspired deer in the nick of time: Download January 2018.