2019 Calendar

I intended to have my calendar finished and ready for 2019, but I got a little behind last year. Luckily, after a holiday in January, I managed to finish the final three illustrations.

Full 2019 Calendar download!

Here is a quick recap of the three illustrations from October, November, and December.

The classic Halloween black cat inspired by October illustration.

I knew I had to draw a Chickadee after seeing some while hiking last year. One even landed on my hat!

With winter in full swing, a bear felt like the appropriate choice for December.

2019 Calendar

All the months! Full 2019 Calendar download!

After looking through all the months, I realize they are pretty inconsistent. I used different lettering and levels of detail as I repeated the activity each month. My goal for this year is to learn how to illustrate on the iPad. I want to redo this first attempt and put together something more consistent for 2020.

Happy 2019!

September 2018 calendar


Curious little Chipmunk searching for food. These cute creatures are out and about foraging food for the winter. I see so many running around in the trees and balcony by my house. They store food in their cheeks that can stretch three times larger than their head!

Another neat fact about Chipmunks:

Chipmunks make homes for themselves by creating burrows that consist of an underground tunnel system or by making nests in logs or bushes. Their tunnel systems can be 10 to 30 feet (3 to 9.1 m) long. – Source

Download the September 2018 Calendar

July 2018 calendar


It’s a Chameleon! I have never seen one of these creatures but they sound fascinating. I was running out of ideas on what to draw, so this one came through a suggestion. I did a little research and found out that Chameleons live in warm habitats under various conditions. They can be found in Africa, Madagascar, southern Europe, and in southern Asia. Another fun fact:

The chameleons tongue can reach its prey in just 0.07 split seconds, with the projectile acceleration reaching over 41 g’s of force – Source

Download the July 2018 Calendar

April 2018 Calendar

acs_0003 (1)

Spring is here at last! I arrived back in Canada after spending the last month in New Zealand and was happy to see that most of the snow had disappeared.

Spring is my favourite time of year. I love being able to bike again and already noticed the BIXI stands appearing around Montreal 🚵‍♀️

Foxes are beautiful animals and I had been wanting to draw one for a while. For some reason, I associate them with spring so it felt like the perfect time.

I created the April Calendar over Easter weekend. I didn’t leave myself a lot of time so I opted to try a super sketchy effect with the shading. I liked how fast it was to make but I think I would try to slow it down and clean up the lines a bit more for the next one.

April 2018 Calendar Download 


February 2018 calendar

January was a busy month for me and I almost didn’t think I would get around to making this months calendar. I managed to repurpose an existing drawing to get it finished in time!

The drawing is of a native New Zealand Tui bird surrounded by leaves and flowers from a Pohutukawa tree. I currently live in Canada but am originally from New Zealand.  This drawing felt appropriate for February as I have been thinking about home a lot lately. I’m headed back to New Zealand mid February and am excited to see my family, friends, and all the beautiful nature!

February 2018 Calendar Download


January 2018 calendar

I’ve been trying to think of a project where I can continue to practice drawing and calligraphy next year. I decided that a great project for 2018 would be a nature inspired calendar. I’ll create each piece the month before, giving me lots of time and a realistic deadline. My goal is that each piece will get better and better as the months go by.

I’ll upload each piece as a free digital download on this blog. Here is January’s winter inspired deer in the nick of time: Download January 2018.