2019 Calendar

I intended to have my calendar finished and ready for 2019, but I got a little behind last year. Luckily, after a holiday in January, I managed to finish the final three illustrations.

Full 2019 Calendar download!

Here is a quick recap of the three illustrations from October, November, and December.

The classic Halloween black cat inspired by October illustration.

I knew I had to draw a Chickadee after seeing some while hiking last year. One even landed on my hat!

With winter in full swing, a bear felt like the appropriate choice for December.

2019 Calendar

All the months! Full 2019 Calendar download!

After looking through all the months, I realize they are pretty inconsistent. I used different lettering and levels of detail as I repeated the activity each month. My goal for this year is to learn how to illustrate on the iPad. I want to redo this first attempt and put together something more consistent for 2020.

Happy 2019!

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